The menu


½ Plate


fried potatoes wedges.7,00€
Deep fried calamari.17,50€
Spanish potato salad with prawns tartare and roe salmon.15,50€
Risotto with calamari and yellow Peruvian pepper and grilled king prawns with rocoto mayonnaise.24,00€
Grilled belly red tuna of almadraba.32,00€
Ox T-Bone, with hand cut fries. (€/kg).90,00€


½ Plate


Mellow iberian ham Croquettes7,00€12,00€
Mellow Squid croquettes with black alioli.7,00€12,00€
King prawns and roast vegetables wanton with red curry and citric teriyaki8,00€14,00€
Our Foie mi-cuit with Pedro Ximenez12,00€21,00€
Baked provolone cheese stuffed with mushrooms and caramelized onion12,00€
season roast vegetables with "romescu" sauce14,00€
Deep fried crispy chicken with our mustard and honey sauce8,00€14,00€
Sauteed king prawns with green cilantro and ginger “mojo”11,00€19,00€
Marinade tuna with roast red peppers17,50€
Laredo´s anchovies with sheep´s cheese, served with concasse tomato13,00€22,00€
Broken fried free range eggs with Iberian ham.13,50€
Broken fried free range eggs with mushrooms and our foie mi-cuit15,00€
Sauteed squid with cava, iberian ham and caramelized onion over string chips.9,00€15,00€
Causa limeña with grill octopus in sauce anticuchera and kalamata alioli.22,00€
Hand cut iberian ham “Dehesa de Extremadura” served with fresh tomato and extra virgin olive oil15,00€24,00€
Iberian acorn-fed loin with fresh tomato and melbas toast12,00€21,00€
Cow cured meat from Leon, bread toast and tomato11,00€19,00€
Iberian Chorizo.9,00€16,00€
100% Sheep´s cheese slices, bread toast and fresh tomato.9,00€16,00€
Iberians products plate (Ham, Acorn-fed, Chorizo and Sheep´s cheese).21,00€


½ Plate


Spanish potatoe salad with tuna and mayonnaise.10,50€
Burrata with tomato tartare and extra virgin olive oil and basil.15,50€
Chicken thai salad with green mango, peanuts and sweet chile vinegar.15,50€
Green fresh salad with avocado, asparagus, pomegranate and spring onion and red berries dressing.15,50€
Salad of artisan tuna with three feel tomatoes18,50€


½ Plate


Duck confit, mushrooms and black truffle oil risotto rice10,00€18,00€


½ Plate


Beef burger with smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, pickles and homemade bourbon ketchup. Served in an butter bread bun with French fries.15,50€
Beef burger with smoked bacon, BBQ Japanese mayonnaise, provolone cheese, Mushrooms and fried free range egg. Served in an beer butter bread bun with French fries.18,00€
Iberian secret over low temperature with marinade tomatoes sauce17,50€
Steak tartar with tomato jam.20,50€
Sirloin beef tiradito in yakiniku sauce, tiger milk and avocado wasabi mayonnaise with peanuts.22,00€
Rump steak, hand cut fries22,00€
Aliste Aged beef T-Bone, hand cut fries (serves two)47,00€


½ Plate


Salmon marinade tartare with avocado and spicy mayonnaise19,00€
Goldfish and courgette millefeuille grilled with cheese and mediterranean smells19,50€
Baked cod fish with black garlic sauce20,50€
Octopus ceviche with cilantro sauce.22,00€
Sauteed red tuna, fried free range broken egg and sriracha mayonnaise.19,50€
Red tuna tataki of Almadraba.23,00€
Red tuna tartar of Almadraba.23,00€
Grill red tuna of Almadraba.24,00€


½ Plate


Banoffee pie7,00€
Carrot cake with with citrics frosting7,00€
Cheescake and red berries cream6,50€
Brownie with vanilla ice cream7,00€
Croissant French toast with meringue milk ice cream7,00€
Mango sorbet with cava.7,00€

Menus for groups


Menú 1: 33€/Pax.


Menú 2: 38€/Pax.


Menú 3: 43€/Pax


Menú 4: 68€/Pax

Cocktail Menus


Menú Cóctel 1 - 38 €/pax


Menú Cóctel 2 - 50 €/pax

* Beverages included: 1 bottle of wine / 2 pax. or 2 glasses of beer / pax. or 2 soft-drinks / pax.
** Reservations must be made at least 72 hours in advance.
*** Some dishes may be modified depending on the market.

Cocktails & gin tonics



MOJITO: Havana 3, lime, sugar, mint and soda.8,00€
BLOODY MARY: Tomato juice and vodka.8,00€
DAIQUIRI: white rum, lime juice, and sugar sirope.8,00€
MARGARITA: white tequila, cointreau, lemmon juice and sugar sirope.8,00€
COSMOPOLITAN: white tequila, countreau, red berries juice and lime juice.8,00€
MIMOSA: champagne, orange juice and countreau.8,00€
CAIPIRINHA: cachaça, lime and sugar.8,00€
TANGERINE CAIPIROSKA: vodka, tangerine and sugar.8,00€
SEX ON THE BEACH: vodka, red berries, orange and peach juice.8,00€
MANHATTAN: bourbon, martini and angostura.8,00€
MOJITO WITHOUT ALCOHOL: lime, sugar, mint and soda.7,00€
KIWI SODA (WITHOUT ALCOHOL): kiwi, orange y sugar sirope.7,00€
PINK LEMONADE (WITHOUT ALCOHOL): lime juice, pomegranate, soda and sugar sirope.7,00€

Gin Tonics


MONKEY 4717,00€
LONDON N112,00€
Fever tree (extra cost)1,00€
Schweppes pimienta rosa (extra cost)1,00€
Schweppes indian (extra cost)1,00€
Extra cost Terrace.1,00€


Traditional breakfast:

Coffee or tea:

Regular or rustic bread toast, with butter and jam. 2.50€ / Terrace: 3.50


Andalusian breakfast:

Coffee or tea:

 Bread toast with grated tomato and extra virgin olive oil. 2.50€ / Terrace: 3.50€

Bread toast with iberian ham, grated tomato and extra virgin olive oil. 4.00€ / T: 5.00€

Bread toast with iberian acorn-feed loin, grated tomato and extra virgin olive oil. 4.00€ / T: 5.00€

Bread toast with manchego cheese, grated tomato and extra virgin olive oil 4.00€ / T: 5.00€

Mollete bread with iberian chorizo and grated tomato . 4.00€ / T: 5.00€

Bread toast with philadelphia cheese and turkey ham. 4.00€ / T: 5.00€

Bread toast, tomato, avocado, sesame seeds and extra virgin olive oil. 4,90€ / T: 5.90



White or multigrain bread. (add multigrain bread +0,40€)

Mollete bread olive oil.



Sweet breakfast:

Coffee or tea:

Croissant, napolitana or tortel. 2.50€ / Terrace: 3.50€

Homemade cake. 2.50€ / T: 3.50€

Grilled croissant with butter and jam. 3.00€ / T: 4.00€

Serafina breakfast:

Coffee or tea:

Spanish omelette. 3.00€ / Terrace: 4.00€

Eggs (fried or scrambled) with bacon. 7.50€ / T: 8.50€

Eggs (fried or scrambled), bacon, tomato and mushrooms. 10.00€. / T: 11.00€


Other suggestions:

Yogurt, muesli and red berries. 3.00€

Freshly squeezed orange juice. 2.50€

Hot chocolate. 2.50€

Ham and cheese sandwich. 2.50€

Ham, cheese and fried egg sandwich. 3.50€

Ham and cheese croissant. 3.30€

Spanish omelette (portion) 3.00€

Seasonal fruits bowl. 4.50€


You can replace the coffe or tea in the breakfast: Freshly squeezed orange juice (+1€), Capuccino (+1€), Bombón coffe (+0.50€), american tea (+0,50€). Hot chocolate (+1€).




Work with us

If you are responsible, demanding us surpasses sympathy and are a qualified professional and want to join our team , send your CV and we will contact you as soon as possible. serafina@serafinacocinabar.com
Croquetas cremosas
Grifo de Cerveza
Steak tartar
Planta 1 Restaurante
Ceviche de Pulpo
Ensaladilla rusa
Vista desde fuera
Arroz meloso de pato
Tarta de plátano


Serafina Cocina Bar is a new multifunctional space in the center of Madrid opened in December 2014. The name Serafina is not just a coincidence, but on the contrary, is a tribute to our mother, whose life has been closely linked to the kitchen and thanks to her we learned what it means home cooking made with love, something that we want to continue transmitting. With a schedule serving from 8.30 to 2.00 in which people can  breakfast, lunch, dinner or simply enjoy a beer after work or an evening with the best music. Serafina Cocina Bar is a large space, divided into two floors, counting with different environments and with a concept that is totally different to what it is offered by such a unique area like the center. A home cooking where you can enjoy different tapas and dishes where raw materials and careful preparation are the subject, thanks to our kitchen team that brings over 50 years of experience in classical and avant-garde cuisine. Friendly and close treatment, and an impeccable décor with a mix of industrial, modern, vintage style and family memories make Serafina Cocina Bar an ideal place to enjoy our cuisine "non stop" from 12.30 to 00.30 seven days a week.


Our Menus

Our Mediterranean-based cuisine, counts with traditional dishes and other ones more modern and original based on product quality, good preparation, and carefully presented.


Areas of Serafina Cocina Bar



The bar, a spacious, modern and industrial space, where the original features of the venue are still retained such as cast iron columns more than a century old, exposed brickwork walls and wooden beams where the passage of time can be appreciated. They serve as a perfect complement to our spectacular S-shaped bar, from which you can see live kitchen through the large windows.



Located on the top floor, it is a spacious, comfortable and bright space. The mixture of styles prevails in the decoration of the whole venue, but it is on the first floor where the warmth of all the elements get the perfect environment where you can enjoy our menu. It is also a multipurpose space capable of hosting any event. Contact us.



A corner of Serafina in which the protagonist is our vintage leather chester and its two aubergine armchairs. It is the ideal place to enjoy our drinks and cocktails. Located at the main entrance to the restaurant placed among four imposing cast iron columns and right next to a small bar, it keeps the necessary intimacy to make the place a comfortable and friendly place that surely will catch you.



More than a century old and made of two pieces of Carrara marble is the icing on the access to the restaurant and it perfectly accompanies the sofa area. We've also enabled so that you can enjoy it as a table for a drink or to have dinner as good as in any of our tables.


High tables

A unique and different space of the bar made of elm wood from an old house of our grandfather and with a unique design in which it has been used screws from an old Pegaso. It has been designed to get a bite casually or not, or just to have a few beers while enjoying background music.

You can download our app very soon

You can download our app very soon

In Serafina Cocina Bar we want you to be part of our friends, that’s why we are developing an application where you will see our menus, find out the daily menu and book a table ...

Made to measure events

Made to measure events

If you are thinking about celebrating a corporate event or a private celebration in a charming place, Serafina Cocina Bar offers you the chance to enjoy our exclusive space on the first floor in a personalized way with a menu, cocktail or open bar. Ask us and we will inform you without commitment.

Mellow iberian ham Croquettes
Croquetas de Txangurro con velo ibérico y alioli de pimentón.
King prawns and roast vegetables wanton with red curry and citric teriyaki
Crujiente de Oreja en espuma de salsa brava.
Cured meat from Leon with lemon dressing and fresh oregano
Potatoe salad with octopus, cantabric tuna and mayonnaise.
Marinade tuna with roast red peppers and crunchy leek.
Ensalada de pollo al estilo Thai con mango verde y vinagreta de chile dulce.
Pink tomatoes salad with crunchy iberian ham.
Cantabric artisan tuna with three feel tomatoes
Spanish cold tomato soup with olive oil
Risotto rice with duck confit, mushrooms and black truffle oil.
Yellow king prawns curry Thai style.
Mussels with spicy tomato sauce.
Aliste Aged beef T-Bone.
Steak tartar with homemade chips with iberian salt and tomato jam.
Iberian secret burger with sweet Chile sauce and rocoto mayonnaise.
Sirloin beef tiradito in yakiniku sauce, tiger milk and avocado wasabi mayonnaise.
Ceviche de Pulpo con alioli de cilantro.
Corvina ceviche.
Salmon marinade tartare with avocado and wasabi
Grilled octopus with potato, olive oil and paprika cream
Carrot cake with with citrics frosting
Banoffee pie

Contact us


Serafina Cocina Bar


Calle Espoz y Mina 4. (metro Sol)

Telephone: +34 91 532 43 16


Monday from 8.30 to 1.00 / Tuesday from 8.30 to 1.00 / Wednesday from 8.30 to 1.00 / Thursday from 8.30 to 1.30 / Friday from 8.30 to 2.30 / Saturday from 12.00 to 2.30 / Sunday from 12.00 to 1.00